Rose Gold Wick Trimmer

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Rose Gold Wick Trimmer

Great addition to any candle lovers collection. 

 Wick Trimmers are an essential tool to have in your collection. They help to prolong the life of your candle and allow it to burn at the correct heat to create the perfect melt pool. 

Our Rose Gold Wick Trimmers are made from stainless steel and are very easy to use. Simply hold them like normal scissors and place the wick between the blades. Clamp your finger and thumb together to snip the wick. Make sure that the wick trimmer is held just above the top of the wax in order for it to be trimmed to the correct length each time.

To keep your candle in tip-top condition, trim the wick to 1/5th of an inch in length before and after each burn. Taking care of your candle will reduce the amount of sooting and mushrooming and will ensure that you get the best out of your candle.


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