What Is Aromatherapy & How Can It Help Me?


Is probably what you’re thinking right now. Why not just buy a scented tealight and be done

with it? It does the same thing, right? …Wrong.

Aromatherapy can be astonishingly beneficial to the mind and soul, rousing stress-busting neurotransmitters and aiding in emotional well-being to give you the natural relaxation you deserve. It can be used as a nonpharmaceutical treatment for natural pain relief, anxiety and insomnia – and the best part is – everyone in your home can benefit from it.

(Yes, even the temper-tantrum-throwing-toddler can be lulled into relaxation by the aroma – but we make no promises…)

So, even though one might assume that a regular scented candle would have the same benefits as one produced specifically for aromatherapy – there is more than what meets the eye. Rather than simply a mass-produced melt with artificial fragrances thrown in, our luxurious range uses a high-quality soy base, meticulously researched and sourced essential oils, each individually poured to give you an indulgent spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home.

C’est la VIE, after all…

Essential oils are gleaned from seeds, leaves, bark and other elements of nature’s most generous botanicals. Used for hundreds of years to support optimum health and wellbeing, it’s fair to say that the benefits of essential oils have been known to us for a long time, even improving the day-to-day life of our ancestors.

But who is to say they should be the only ones reaping these rewards? These natural oils have never stopped being beneficial to us. With the hustle and bustle of modern-day life we may have forgone these natural remedies in favour of more mainstream methods. VIE aromatherapy candles give you the satisfaction you seek with the natural benefits that essential oils offer – and you don’t have to do a thing!

Simply sit back and b r e a t h e, the rest will follow.

VIE xoxo

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