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Nancy Sidhu

The interior design gods have spoken and here's our round-up of the top decor trends to look out for to help you stay ahead of the curve this season. 


Trend 1: Nordic Retreat


Serene Scandi style is updated with hints of pattern and texture. This trend is the understated look that makes a big impact. This paired-back look is perfect for creating an effortlessly stylish decor.

For this season the ever-popular Scandi look is layered up with different textures to give the look depth – creating an inviting space to retreat and switch off from the world outside. Last season this look was filled with global-inspired pattern, for 2019 it’s more about simple understated pattern.

If you want to add a dash of rose colour - this is our personal major inspo. 

Key colours:  Neutrals, from canvas white to natural buff

Key materials: Wool, sheepskin, wicker, earthenware and Ash/bleached wood

Had grey had its day? The new neutrals are warming, as we look to create a calm yet uplifting space to retreat to from the outside world.

Trend 2: Retro Fusion

This nostalgic trend celebrates and reimagines Mid-Century interiors and designs from a bygone era. We have named this Retro Fusion to highlight the diversity of the term retro – from the colour palette of the 70s, to the scalloped shapes of Art Deco through to 50’s signature furniture styles this trend covers it all.

If it’s a classic from a bygone era, it’s big news this season.

Key colours: Mustard, Night Watch green, tan

Key materials: Velvet, wood and buff leather

Hit up Pinterest for more mustard inspo. Mustard is a key colour in interiors this year. Pinterest reveals search for this deliciously retro shade is up 45 per cent and growing.

Next, our favourite high street hero showing us retro curved lines on their pieces with rich wooden detail. 

Trend 3: Soft Tropics


Not On The Highstreet - Statement Wallpaper 

Key colours: Leaf green, Mustard, nude pink and blue

Key materials: Velvet, wood and buff leather

Bold wallpapers, such as tropical leaves are going from strength to strength this season. Vibrant bold prints can breathe new life into rooms, big or small.

This summery botanical trend is testament that our love of nature continues to grow.

Trend 4: Global Essence

YES! Absolute winner, this trend is continuing from last season is a diverse celebration of globally-inspired patterns. 

Look out for hand-dyed textiles in rich earthy pigments and hand-thrown pottery. Its all in the detail with this look – think tassels, pom poms and macrame detailing on everything from cushions to wall art.

Key colours: Terracotta, umber and spiced red

Key materials: Earthenware, woven textiles and rope

Trend 5: Refined Glamour

The refined glamour trend is one that we have included within our own home.

The new 2019 glam is less sheen, more sophisticated. Luxury materials such as pewter, marble and velvet all mix together beautifully to create fine decorative details. Fringing is everywhere this season, from lampshades to wall hangings – fringe is in!

Pinterest Mood Board

We’re seeing statement minimalist lightning, and furniture with decorative Art Deco rounded shapes playing key roles within this look.

Micro Trend to look out for: Fringing. From lampshades and mirrors, to hanging wall art fringing is going to be big this coming year.

VIE Picasso Range

Mirco-trend: Iridescence

Call it the mermaid effect. Iridescent finishes are everywhere this season. Inspired by natural pearls the finish is luxurious but not too high-shine – the essence of the new way to do glam this season.

VIE GEO Candle

VIE Vogue

 Which trend would you use for your ideal home? 

We hope you enjoyed our round-up. We will share more of our Autumn/Winter inspiration for 2019

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