Easy Steps To Avoid Candle Tunneling

Nancy Sidhu

How to get the most out of your luxury candle and avoid tunneling

The candle lover struggle is real - there is nothing less aesthetically pleasing then candle tunneling.  You buy a fancy new candle. You light it. You relax in joy. You blow it out. And then over time, you end up with a big sooty mess of a candle, with the outer edges unused as the middle burns away. It’s called tunneling, and it sucks. Once it happens your only option is to try to chip out the wax and turn it into a new candle. And – let’s be honest – who can be bothered with that?

The reason we hate the tunneling effect; it doesn't look nice, and primarily it WASTES a lot of wax meaning, you are losing burn time. 

Avoiding your candle from tunneling will mean you are getting the maximum amount of burn time from your luxury candle. 

Follow these simple steps to avoid candle tunneling:

1. First time you burn your candle, do not trim your wick and let it burn for a few hours (one hour minimum) so the top layer melts fully. 

2. Make sure you don't place the candle in a drafty area. 

3. After the initial burn, trim your candle 1/8 inch. This will also help with black smoke. 

4. Try to occasionally burn your candle for a few hours to make sure it continues burning properly. 

 At Vie Candle Company, we only use 100% organic soy wax which means our candles burn up to 50% longer then traditional paraffin candles. By following the above steps, your fragrance candle could last you a very long time. Leaving your house smelling beautiful for longer.

We hope this blog has been helpful in getting the most out of your luxury candles. Now go forth, and enjoy burning your lovely candle. 

Love + Lollies xo 

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