DIY Advent Calendar Ideas


Thinking of getting crafty this winter? How about these fabulously cute DIY advent calendars! We are starting the countdown to Christmas with one of these DIY advent calendars. We have selected some cute ideas to share with you, here are our top 5.


Console Table Display

Fill little baggies with the treat of your choice, fold them over, write the date in white chalk on black paper, and then attach the pieces of paper with a clothes pin. It's the perfect holiday decor for a console table in the entry.

Console Table 1



Bag Lady

This advent calendar is definitely the prettiest a bunch of paper bags ever could look. We love the color coordination and grid layout. Get the tutorial at Tell Love and Party.



Chalkboard Advent Calendar 

Hang this lovely DIY chalkboard advent calendar in your home that you can customise with different activities to make, do or give. 

Check out for a step-by-step inspo. 




Paper Tree Advent Calendar

Craft simple paper trees out of rolled paper and label each with a number to help your family count down to Christmas.

I mean, cute, right? Full step-by-step over at



Candy Wreath Advent Calendar 

Create a fun candy bonbon advent wreath using crêpe paper that will add a burst of colour to your holiday decor. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy! 

Head over to for more on this creation. 


So here you have it, our top 5 DIY advent calendars to get you into that Christmassy mood. These are so fun to make, and share with the family through December for the run up to Christmas Day. 

Sharing the advent calendar with the family? No problem! Get a small baggy, add all the numbers and each family member gets to pick an equal amount of numbers. This assigns each member of the family with their nominated days for opening the advent calendar. Voila!

Love + Lollies

xo VIE 

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